What are the advantages of enlisting the services of a credit repair company?


A sizable number of individuals with a poor credit rating prefer to restore their rating on their own. The number one reason they cite for this is that credit repair is an expensive undertaking when a credit repair agency is involved. What most people don’t realise is that this is just an exaggerated belief and that enlisting the services of a credit repair agency may be less costly and more beneficial than they think. For instance, paying a credit repair professional a monthly fee goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t pay exorbitant interest rates in the foreseeable future when applying for a loan facility or a mobile phone contract. That said, what are some of the advantages of enlisting the services of a credit repair company?



They understand the law

As professionals working in the credit restoration industry, they are up to date with various laws governing credit repair and are therefore better placed to handle the whole process professionally and within the law. The credit repair company will leverage the laws in your favour, operate within the set industry standards and operations and ensure that the whole process is done professionally and in accordance with the laws of the land. The same cannot be said of a person who chooses to restore credit rating on their own!

A credit repair company takes charge

Working with credit bureaus as well as creditors can be tiresome not to mention involved especially when you want to resolve a number of issues. By enlisting the services of a credit repair agency, they basically take charge of working with credit bureaus as well as creditors and resolve any outstanding issues on your behalf. You simply sit back and let the professionals handle everything.

You save time

When you hire a credit repair company, you save a lot of time you would have used running up and down to meet and reason with creditors and what not. A credit repair agency will handle everything on your behalf while you focus on other interesting aspects of your life. They are responsible for reviewing your credit report, drafting letters, making appointments, doing follow ups just to mention but a few while you wait to see the results. Your personal time is therefore freed up and you can use it on other important tasks.


In a nutshell, enlisting the services of a credit repair company ensures that you enjoy long-term benefits. You will in the future enjoy faster loan approvals, lower interest rates and ultimately, peace of mind!

Factors to consider before hiring a credit repair company


One thing we can’t run away from is the fact that the state of your credit score can positively or negatively impact your future investment plans. A bad credit history means a high probability of rejection when applying for a loan facility or a mobile phone contract. It also means that you will have to deal with high-interest rates not to mention the possibility of being locked in a contract for a prolonged period of time. It is no wonder then that most UK citizens with a poor credit rating are increasingly looking for ways through which they can improve it.

Though a good number of them try to fix their credit scores on their own, it is highly recommended that they enlist the help and professional services of credit repair companies or agencies. The agencies are up to date with what’s happening in the industry, any changes that have been effected and also have the resources to improve your credit score in the shortest time possible. That said, what are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration before you enlist the services of a credit repair company?



A good reputation is priceless. Before you hire a credit repair company, find out whether it has a good reputation, adheres to best business practices, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. A credit repair company with a solid reputation instills confidence and gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that professionals are in charge of your credit score restoration.


It will do you good to go for a credit repair company that has been around for a couple of years with proven results than to go for one that just opened shop with nothing to show. Experience matters when choosing a credit repair company as you wouldn’t want to gamble and hope for the best. Go for a reputable company boasting of a number of years in experience as they are better placed to restore your credit score professionally and in the fastest time possible.


Fee arrangement type

Granted, different credit repair companies have different types of fee arrangements. There are those who advocate for a “pay for removal” program while there are those that simply charge a predetermined fee monthly. As regards to  a pay for removal program, a credit repair company will only charge you for every single negative item removed from your credit report. The only downside with this arrangement is that there are cases where the removed item reappears after 2 or 3 months yet you had already paid for it. This might happen because of a number of reasons. You therefore, need to ask your credit repair company beforehand whether they will remove the item that reappears again or whether they will refund the money you had earlier paid. As regards the monthly payment program, it’s instrumental that you ask upfront how many months it will take to repair your credit report and the amount of money it will cost. Any credit repair company quoting you for a period longer than six months is without a doubt taking you for a ride.


Before making your decision, it is important that you ask for references from past customers who have had their credit rating restored. This shows you how competent and professional the credit repair company is. In situations where a given credit repair cannot divulge information citing confidentiality, ask for attorney references whom they work with that can vouch and affirm that they are indeed legitimate and up to the task.


Go for a credit repair company that has your best interests at heart. The said company should be committed to restoring your credit score in the earliest time possible and keen on delivering the best possible results.