About us


At EnableYouth Loans, we derive pleasure from assisting our customers to restore their credit rating. We understand how devastating a poor credit rating can be not to mention the embarrassment of being turned away every time a person seeks to avail a loan facility or a phone contract. For this reason alone, we have since inception been steadily working to assist UK citizens with bad credit restore their credit rating. Our approach is quite different in comparison with our competitors. We give you realistic projections of the period we intend to take to fully restore your credit score, educate you on the process of credit restoration, applicable laws as well as what you need to do to ensure that you positively improve your credit score.

Our core objective as EnableYouth Loans is to offer unmatched top notch credit repair services to our customers at all times. From the very first day we started operations, we can say without fear of contradiction that we have been able to assist scores of our customers to restore their credit rating. We are not only concerned with credit repair but we also undertake to create awareness on the subject of credit score in totality.

We explain to our customers what a credit score is, what affects a credit score, how to build a credit score and so on and so forth. Our customer personnel have the prerequisite knowledge, the commitment and the professional acumen to assist you in every way possible.